P.R.O. Music for videohive preview files

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I just stumbled across the Buyer’s Guide to Performing Rights Organizations and P.R.O. Music

I am a little confused. This is what it says about youtube:

YouTube as the online “broadcaster” has already obtained a blanket P.R.O. license for all content played from its website. So for example if your video that uses P.R.O. music will be streamed online via YouTube, you should be okay.

Does this mean that I have to make sure with any other online streaming platform, that they also have obtained a blanket P.R.O. license?

So if I want to use a P.R.O. track for my videohive item for the preview file, I need to find out if envato has such a blanket P.R.O. license? Does anybody know if envato has such a license and if I’m ok to use such a track for my videohive preview file? (watermarked & non-watermarked, if that makes a difference)

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Those streaming platform should be responsible for paying royalties, as Youtube is, so it shouldn’t be a concern for you.

If you host the video on your own site though, you technically could be held accountable for paying royalties. But the chances of that happening are very slim.

To my knowledge they don’t. I don’t know if they even thought about it. They haven’t communicated on it anyway.

As for the streaming platforms, Envato should be responsible, not individual authors. So you should be ok here too.

Regarding the watermark, you are allowed to use any AJ previews without having to buy a license, all you have to do is link to the AJ item. This is the standard process. If, for some reason you want to use the non-watermarked version, then you’d have to buy a license. This may confuse your buyer though, and they may think the audio is included.

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Hey PurpleFogSound,

thank you very much for your detailed reply. I wasn’t going to upload to my website anyway, so it seams all fine. :slight_smile:

Thanks again and have a great day!

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