P.R.O and non exclusive

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So how do you manage your P.R.O registration when you upload the same track to multiple non exclusive stock music libraries? I know that libraries that have their own publishing company do the process themselves, and if you get that track to another library you change the title, so the same piece of music is registered twice but with different name… is the same registration that goes for all royalty free/ stock music libraries like AJ ? or retitling and new registration for each one is required as well?

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In most PROs you can add alternative titles. But for example in my ZAIKS to add alternative I have to mail them. Never did any title change in ZAIKS though. It’s too much work for me and I try not to change titles.

There is some kind of walkaround - ISWC number which will track your music whatever title it has. I suppose.

So you register your track in your P.R.O and then use that info to every library. Also, alternative versions like shorter for commercials (1:00, 0:30) or “no vocals” or whatever are registered separately?

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One track = one registration.
I suppose some PROs allow to upload different versions of this track either, but it’s still one track.
Ask your PRO what to do.

Keep in mind that if you register one version, all your versions will be secured theoretically . Though uploading all versions can allow some PROs to track your music with better efficiency, depending on technology they use (or not).

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Now that I think of it, it would be pointless to register the 1 minute or 30 sec version, because basically you are editing the track for the client. Its almost the same as the client edits himself the full track to fit the project length. I still have doubts about alternative versions that go further than just being shorter, such as removing an instrument or changing it (no vocals, no scratch, heavier/lighter drums, etc). I’m waiting for BMI response at the moment. I applied to join yesterday. Thank you for your time.

I’m a BMI member and also have my tracks to multiple sites out there. When I register a new track I also give alternate titles like “Short cut 30 secs” etc. Then I wait about a week to get an ISWC code from BMI and then I upload my track (including all versions) to the libraries giving this unique code. Hope that helps…

So you register all versions with BMI. Great to know. Thank you !