Owl carousel v1.3.3 vs v2.0.0 or other alternatives?


Hi ! Which owl carousel do you think is better to use on our themes:
The actual v1.3.3 or v2.0.0-beta.2.4 ?
I know that the version 2 it’s still in beta release but i’m more interested to know which one is more cross browser and have better/more options.
So which one do you use?


I saw that in 2.0 they added more features but looking at their 2.0 github page, i saw there have been 230 reported issues…don’t know how many of them have been fixed and i didn’t tested yet but still could be better then 1.3.3 i think.
Just want to make sure if there’s someone here who has included the 2.0 in his theme/s without any major issues :slight_smile: .


Another one to look out for is flickity . A new one in development from metafizzy ( from masonnry and isotope fame )