Overview of teamMembers by tabs


I work at the moment at this page: http://ahskoeflach.at.server175-han.server-routing.com/menschen/lehrerinnen/

I want to use Tabs to get a better overview about my colleagues (i but some links at the top, that you can see my idea). I used the elemnt TeamMembers from the Visual Composer. There is also a element Tab, but I can not put the element “TeamMembers” into the Element tabs. I see videos that it should be possible to add any element. But i could only add a Tab Item, which is something like a Textfeald.

How could I fix this? Could i download a better element to work with tabs?

I am working with version 5.2 of Visual Composer


EDIT: I have no copied the code of TeamMember into the Tab. You see the result on the website. But I think this is not the best soloution to solve the problem.