Overall loudness level when mixing/mastering in logic pro x

I’ve started mixing and mastering songs in logic pro x, and I need some help.
I’ve fully mixed my song, but I need to get the loudness level up. The overall integrated lufs level is around -16 at the moment.
I have tried to increase this with compression, but this didn’t make much difference. I have also tried using a limiter, however this has begun to vary the volume throughout the track.
I have searched on Google how to increase loudness and made various changes, but none made that much difference.
My projects begin to distort the louder I try and make them.
I’ve reached out to this forum hoping that I am not the only person to have had this problem.

I would really appreciate any help anyone can offer.

You need to try multiband compression. Overall standart for commercical sound is -8 RMS, you can easily follow this loundness, but it depend of genre of your music - trailers, or jazz or rock - all could be mastered at different loudness level

Thanks, I have tried multiband compression, but it hasn’t seemed to make a difference to the overall level of the piece. I have been comparing my projects to commercial projects but they seem to vary in loudness.

Thanks that’s very helpful!

But anyway, numbers matters, because you can at least find your sweet spot. So you idea “numbers does not mean anything” is wrong. Numbers is not EVERYTHING, but matters. Have a nice day.

I am glad my email notifications brought me original version of your post (about preaching ;)). Well, i skip this in honor of your knowledge (or lack of it). You messed all things here - streaming, LUFS, etc. Streaming platform loudness varies, but this have no connection to loudness of your particular song. If your track will be louder, it will apply some minus correction automatically in aim to perceived loudness of various genres to be equal on this streaming platform. But there is common standards for each genre. For example, most pop and EDM song mastered at -8 or even hotter. If you master your EDM for Spotify on recommended -14 LUFS you will loose this “in your face” feeling, created as result of excellent mixing, saturation, clipping in some cases and strong compression/limiting. So do not mislead people about numbers. But i agree with you - hardest part of this task is PERCEIVED loudness (how loud your song appear in comparison with other records) and here is not all things such a simple solution, as you correctly mentioned before. I fought many times with this problem - balanced mix, correct final LUFS for such type of genre but quiter PERCEIVED loudness).So please stop this loudness war :slight_smile:

If you google mastering with logic pro x - Google Search you will find a number of resources that should be helpful.

At least it is helpful.

@LumenMedia . Well. In this case i am sorry for bothering. No sarcasm. Have a nice day, everyone.

It’s important to know your levels and be aware of the transients on each track, otherwise increasing the loudness will be difficult and the result can be what you are describing - varying levels due to a master bus limiter working too hard. Also I recommend using the multimeter in Logic on the master bus to get a sense of how much information/sound each frequency range has. For example it could tell you that in 250hz there’s too much happening, which will affect the final limiting stage and this will make it more difficult to increase the overall gain. In the multimeter you can also see the LUFS value. It also depends on what kind of limiter you are using, a mid-side limiter for instance will give you more control. Also if you use some kind of saturation on the master bus which is fairly common it will affect the transients too, adding yet another factor to the chain. Mastering is somewhat an art form, it takes practice. :slight_smile:

okay thank you this is helpful! I have been using the stock limiter in logic, but I have recently discovered the adaptive limiter which has made a difference to the perceived loudness of the project. Yes more experience will help. Thanks :slight_smile: