Over Rejected

Six weeks of rejections and I’m at a loss of where to go with this!


Any help would be appreciated for ideas of where I can improve. Specifics would be greatly appreciated.

first look itself shows its a work of an amatuer. nothing specific you have to improve in all areas colors, typo and general execution. you will see ur mistake once you make a better theme

Work at typography. It is very bad.
Preloaders is very long, use a lazy loading script. It’s a blog. It would need to be quick.
Working on design and detalis . Come up with something new this is very common.
The animations are very annoying. Try to be “fade” or “slow”.
Good Luck !

Thanks thezoc for the feedback. I noticed the page speed myself this time after you mentioned it. I then turned off the Facebook widget which google page speed mentioned most and the page speed jumped immediately from 47 to 73. Guess I’m going to have to work out how to ignore Facebook to make the preloader work. I’ll definitely try some less overpowering animations.

Can you please elaborate by what you think is bad about the typography? Myself I see it inline with many of the recently released themes so pointing out where I’m wrong would be most helpful.

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You sure know how to code but you should try to team up with a web designer because it certainly does not look professionnal.