Over 30,000+ And nothing - Simple Booking form

I’m looking for a simple booking form/calendar where the public can book a day, time, a room, and then pay.

Simple, no blasted hotel booking system, events or cleaning, car wash etc. Geez with all these programmers on here someone should have thought about a basic php appointment calendar system with back-end management area!

  1. Public looks at the calendar, clicks date, then select time, completes booking form. Confirmation email sent - this then creates an account for them.

  2. Public receives confirmation email with a link to confirm and pay - simple client area so they can check bookings, cancel, change date, and make payments etc.

  3. Admin gets email of confirmation, admin can then logged in their dashboard and check the booking, clients, payments to date etc.

So simple, why make it so complicated with all this other crap added!