outro/merch promo standard license!

i bought a standard music license track to use it as my background music for Outro/Merchpromo in one single channel! i will use the same outro/Merchpromo at all of my videos, so it’s alright to use it with an unlimtied number of uses? or i need to get a extended license?

Hello @bassamgad

You can’t use for unlimited users, you have to purchase every time

Thanks :slight_smile:

If the videos are related (same topic, episodes,…), the “series policy” allows you to use a single license for up to 52 episodes (or a year, whichever comes first).

If your outro is strictly the same (ie, a produced clip that you just snap at the end of each video), then you could argue that the outro is your end product, not the whole video.

Hope it helps!