Outdoor Theme - Background image

Hi guys,
I have a background image on my webpage.

The page starts with a Homepage-part and some page-builder parts.

I would like to see the background image after scrolling down (so, that the image can bee seen) - how can i do this?


Hi @TomMotoNomad,

Don’t get me wrong, we’re helpful community but questions related to specific theme should be asked to theme author directly, as per your previous thread.

I’m gonna tag @Dannci to see if they can help you, but since this looks like extension to standard theme features, you may be interested in hiring a professional:


Thank you - i thought to be here at the right place … Could have been, that some had the same issue.

I just want to display the background image - normally, you can not really see the picture, because of the content of the page …

My question is - how can i make this (background image is displayed):

problem solved