outdated wordpres themes and plugins

I do not understand why a large number of WordPres themes are out of date and their compatibility ends with WordPress 5.1 This makes them useless. The same applies to many WordPress plugins. Your Wordpres Theme presentations are repeatedly not displayed while the same Theme are dispyed in the themeforest.net themes are presented . This is not a good policy. I guess it’s worth having more control over the content we pay for.
Cheers Andrea

There’s a plan in place to tidy things up but obviously, this is not a quick update

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However, I would argue that since you sell products and we buy, everything should work. And there is a lot of useless junk about themes and plugins. Cheers Andrea

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Unfortunately, this is a price we pay for the balance of quality and quantity

To offer the choice Envato does relies on author-created content which makes it impossible to moderate easily let alone at the scale of submissions and items Envato has.

Regretfully there is no way to control individual item standards in the same way as some other marketplaces with only a handful of themes which they themselves have created

Don’t be angry, but this is absolute nonsense. You are responsible for the product you sell. Just see what version the updates are in. I still feel cheated because many of the things I have bought are useless. Cheers Andrea