Outdated plugins

many of the plugings offered have not been updated for years. Pages of the description do not work (404) or demo accounts. In addition, there is no longer any support. Is there any kind of certainty that the plugins offered will still work with current WP versions? And how does envato deal with it if it doesn’t work?


The review teams are currently working through items (old and new ones) - because everyone here has a major interest in keeping quality levels high on the marketplace.

There is a huge number of themes and plugins on the market, so there is a lot of work going on to keep the library up-to-date (cleaning, updating, optimizing, contacting the authors and so on).

Meanwhile, to make sure you will choose the plugins that work with the latest version of WordPress, I’d recommend using the search filters or the tags.

For instance, to search only through plugins that work with the latest version of WordPress, you’ll have this: https://codecanyon.net/attributes/compatible-software/wordpress%205.5.x

At the right bottom corner of each plugin page on Envato Market, there is a field named “Software Version”. If you click, let’s say “WordPress 5.4.x”, you’ll be taken to the list of plugins compatible with WordPress 5.4.x.

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