Outdated Codes of theme of ListingPro

I bought the theme ListingPro 3 months ago. and used on my website

As I continue working on the theme and reach the technical audit of the website, I find numerous bugs and out-of-date code being used in the theme.
For example, they used a Lead Generation form on the listing page that was a third-party plugin, but they rebranded it as the listing pro leads form in the theme. This form uses the worst outdated technology and failed the Google Audit at (Measure page quality).

I even reached out to the theme developers about this issue, but they informed me that because the issue stems from a third party, they are unable to help.

Code Quality is Even Worst with the theme.

My Point on Posting this Forum is, Is there any Quality check Over Theme Forest which Checks theme for code or so?
as we can see there are Fake Neumoros Reviews over the Themeforest, while Others are still claiming for Bugs.
Is there anybody who can have an Audit of the Theme?

The theme would have been thoroughly checked when it was submitted but that was back in 2017 so standards may have moved on.

Given the volume of files available and the fact that none are developed or owned by envato, it’s impossible for envato to keep regular visibility of individual items and the code compliance etc.

Given that the item has a perfect review score from well into the thousands of reviews (it’s not possible to fake that volume), and the author is a power elite, it seems unusual that the quality would be particularly bad.

Are you basing the page check on the demo or on your installation?

I appreciate Charlie4282 responding. I am basing this on both the Demo and the Code I installed. If you could look at the reviews that theme is receiving on a daily basis due to code issues that are starting to surface—there are many reports on the reviews page. Also I am planning to switch to another script, which I checked at Code Canyon, checked the demo speed is ultra-fast and fulfils the audit of Google at the demo page as well, has the least load time, while coming back to Listing Pro, they have the Worst speed they offer at demo or Some reviews says that the developer updated the code and didn’t check if it is working fine after that.

Attached is the TRUST AND SAFETY Audit failed for my website, Hope you can understand my point, You can also check the demo failed at web.dev/measure

Hope you can understand my pain

Is there a way I can file a Refund, that’s really disappointed with the code, as google fails my website.

Attached are some More Reasons over the website,
1- this is listing page and we cant do that write Until I do the manual Coding over that page

Failed at Speed score and Google Developer console.