Outdate Plugins and Wordpress Themes

Hi, im not intent to offend anyone but my experience so far have been not good with the wordpress part in elements:
A lot of the themes are not updated since 2017, so if i get one of these maybe never will work on a wordpress core update.
A lot of plugins are in the same situation, you press live preview and the have not preview.
please add themes and plugins from trusted autors.

Maybe I am wrong with this, but I think if the theme does not work with the latest WP version, you can report this to Envato and they will warn the author and/or temporarily block the theme until this is not fixed.

i really don´t think so, there´s many outdated stuff , in the templates descriptions says wordpress + version tested (there is even 4.6) , then when you check the theme in themeforest you see the update history and see isn´t updated after 6 + months from a customer perspective download those templates isn`t safe at all.

If theme is not update 6+ months does not mean anything - we have themes which are not updated more then 6 months and all works fine - there is no bugs or errors (I must say also that we are creating simple/basic themes without 1000 features). And yes, all our themes works fine with latest WP.

But yes, if the author has set that the theme is tested up to version 4.6 and does not work with latest version - that is not ok, and I think that kind of items should be removed from market (or fixed to latest WP version).

Hey there @guillemagana, you don’t have to worry about most WordPress Themes on the market, authors keep them in check and verified so that all features work properly. There are also a few things to note

  • In case of vulnerabilities/core updates for WordPress that affect the majority of themes on the market, Envato always launches a announcement to give authors time to update, authors that fail to do so risk to get their products disabled and the buyers that are still within the support period are instantly eligible for a refund.
  • In case a WordPress theme does slip the cracks and a buyer happens to purchase it and it doesn’t work as advertised, or it advertises versions of software it is not compatible with you’re instantly eligible for a refund.
  • If a theme or any other product is missing an update to fix a major core functionality issues that affects the integrity of your page, again, you are eligible for a refund.

In the simplest way possible. If it’s advertised to work, it must work, otherwise, you’ll be eligible for a refund without questions and the item will be disabled until fixed or depending on the severity of the situation permanently removed.

In case you ever face such issues, never hesitate to contact Envato Help and Support. These things are taken with utmost seriosity and dealt with incredibly quick.


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