Out of tune instrument in "Travel Vlog Folk" music track?

Not sure if anyone can/will answer this but will give it a try anyway. I’ve found the audio quality on the site to be first class so I was surprised to find this one uploaded which to my ear has one instrument out of tune. Any other well tuned ears able to pick this up? Any other examples?

I won’t comment on your specific example, as it is unseemly to comment on other author’s work in a public forum. I will say however, that using “detuned” instruments is a technique that has been used since the beginning of recorded sound, and somewhat commonplace. While long used as a comedic device, more recently it is commonly used to convey a sense of organic intimacy or “realness” that is often lacking in today’s overly-quantized, auto-tuned, pitch-perfect audio production.

I can assure you that the author of the track, StudioMonkey, knows exactly what s/he is doing, and that the stylistic choice to use those sounds was a deliberate and intentional one.

Having said all of that, I’ll admit that I’m not personally a big fan of the aesthetic, but my personal feelings about it are immaterial. It has been proven to be useful to some creators in some contexts. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of examples of the technique on this and other stock music libraries - and throughout the history of recording and filmmaking.

If it’s not your thing, just keep searching - the perfect track for you is out there somewhere, just waiting to be discovered.


Hi robgreaney,

Complementing what was summarized by St-TropezMedia, try not call out items, users or staff on the forums. Community Guidelines:


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Thanks St-TropezMediia for your comment. So lets move away from the item in question as it may be seen as an attack on an individual. That was not intended. I, like many other have a paid subscription to Envat Elements and I chose the site based on quality. I have no idea of the vetting process and also have no idea on how to connect with Envato staff (if you can help me there that’d be appreciated) or I would have avoided the forum. Like many sites it seems that Envato is keen for the users to sort out issues at the forum level so it’s difficult to address concerns over quality. I am open to suggestions however my concern is for Envato. Most businesses build their reputation on providing quality, be that in the food industry, entertainment or sports cars. Generally business owners are appreciative if a subscriber/customer draws their attention to some aspect of the service or product that is below par.

Detuning? Hmm.
I’ve been an audio engineer for 20+ years so know a little about this. Yeah, it’s a style but mostly reserved for synth work and seldom ever used for acoustic. Happy to be educated on this if you have more examples. Always up to learn more. I have heard it used (intentionally or not) with Ukulele and of course kids choirs and kids orchestras use it good effect. Other time like in the South Park theme you hear just plain out of tune instruments but in that case it’s clearly intentional. My point is that if you’re going to detune for effect then it will never be so subtle otherwise it’s generally considered out of tune and any studio engineer worth his salt will send you off to a quiet place with your tuner to get things sorted out before he/she hits the red button.

Reading the rules I see that I should make a constructive comment. Totally agree with that. Suggest if you’re using a capo, that one should always recheck the tuning before recording. If you’ve been in the studio for some hours it’s not difficult to lose perspective and it always helps (if you can afford the time) to step out for 30 minutes or so and get away from the sound. Sort of a reset or refresh.

I hope I don’t get chucked of a forum for pointing out an obvious quality issue but if I do, well what can say?

Two bands that i love;

I especially like the 2nd track. Nice use of modulation. A little Velvet Undergroundesq in my humble opinion. Thanks Manriquedelara

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From Clap your hands, for me, their best LPs are the two firsts and “Only Run” from 2014.
They released a new album this year “New Fragility”.
If you want to explore :slight_smile: