Out of tone??????????

The following has happened to me for a while.
I open my DAW (cubase in this case) and start producing.
Randomly, and sometimes if sometimes not, in the middle of production the instruments suddenly start to go out of tune.
I usually use Kontakt but detuning occurs with any instrument.
I have recently updated Kontakt and the problem persists.
As you can imagine, it is serious since this completely ruins any production.
Does anyone know why this could be happening?

Does it affect consistent to all of your tracks/instruments or does it affect only a few? Is Cubase starting without that effect and it happens in de middle of the production? What happens, if you save this “detuned” track and reopen it? Is it still detuned? Do the affected tracks have pitchbend midi events recorded?
Have you maybe unintended mapped one of your controllers on your keyboard to the pitchbend midi controlling parameter? → you touch this controller and whooops…

Hello Daydreamz-Studios
Very good questions.
I think it does not affect all instruments equally.
The detune comes and goes. That is, sometimes I start loading instruments and recording normally, and after a few minutes the detune begins.
When opening and closing sometimes everything seems to be correct, but at some point and by magic it begins to go out of tune again.
The point is that since it is totally random and difficult to predict, I have no idea what causes all this.
What do you mean by assigning an unwanted controller on the keyboard? Where would control midb pitchbend be found?

Altering global tuning is a low probability. Do you think you can show us the problem? A quick mix or a low res video? If is a cubase issue, thrashing the preferences is the quickest solution. But i believe is a human error.

If you refer to the keyboard thread, some do but others do not and they also sound out of tune

Hello Soundtricks!
Yes, I thought I could get a screenshot. What should I do in this case to beat the preferences?
The truth is that this problem has me puzzled

As an example: I use a Native Instruments Komplete kontrol keyboard. It has knobs and a touch sensitive smart strip to control MIDI parameters. You can map every MIDI parameter to one of this hardware controllers. The most VST’s allow that easily via the MIDI learn option. Sometimes it’s found in a sub menu, sometimes you can reach tha directly via right click on the parameter. If you have now unintended done a right click on the pitchbend or tune parameter and moved one of your controllers, this controller learned to detune with every movement. This happens to me with this smart strip - I had unindended mapped the filter cutoff to this hardware controller on one of my VST’s.

But: This is not a global option. You need to do that with every single VST. So, if more different types of VST’s are affected from this effect, the reason cannot be an unintended mapping.

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My keyboard is a HAMMER 88 by M AUDIO.
Maybe you could assign it as zero again?
Excuse my clumsiness, but I don’t know where the pitchbend parameter you mention is.

Please tell me: Are there more different VST’s affected than only Kontakt?

@Realitybeats . Screenshot wouldn’t help.:slight_smile: I need to hear or see if the tuning is affecting multiple tracks at once or is a random behaviour.

I meant to record a video. If you want what I can do is offer to see the problem through anydesk

Affects other instruments too

As I can see, the Hammer 88 has only a pitchbend and a modwheel and one fader - I guess for volume.

Okay, then we can exclude this unintentional parameter mapping.

@Realitybeats . Ok. First of all you need to check if the midi pitch bend of the keyboard is sending any unwanted data.In order to do that you need to download a little free software called MidiOx. Assign the M-audio as midi controller in its settings and see if it transmitting any data without touching it.

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Good idea!!

Also, you need to set the MAudio as both IN and OUT device in the Midiox settings. alternatively, in the Cubase host, look at the midi activity indicator in the Transport bar. Is there any activity without touching the bend/keyboard? If you move the bend or modulation of the Maudio is it recording it correctly? If everthing is clean, you need to thrash the cubase preferences.I will put here an youtube video regarding that matter.

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Is the same procedure for any cubase version.

Right now I am installing midi ox.
The truth is, I had never come across anything like this and it all sounds a bit like me to Chinese mandari!
Thank you so much to both of you for supporting me.

No problem.Hope it solves.Usually its a minor issue, easy to fix, like dust on the pitch bend, or major if is broken. Could be the weird behaviour of the Cubase. It does weird things lately. Especially latest updates. The thrashing preferences will fix everything. But it will take a while if you have lots of VST,s installed.It needs to rescan all the folders, and manually add the Native Instrument folder to be scanned.NI is usually installed in a different folder than the rest of the plugins do. Lets us know and we may guide you.

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