Oure project is been hard rejected. Why?


I have a question for Team.
I have a theme Prestashop with name “Luxury Resposive Prestashop Theme” but our project is been rejected, unfortunately we did’t get a specific answer, what is wrong in our project. Therefore, we ask for help in this forum. Please help me, what can be wrong in our project?
Demo: http://luxury.doradothemes.com

Urgent answer!!!
Thank you so much!

I get the feeling that this is now available on TF, but I do not know where I’ve seen you before,

This work has slight changes to make it look bad.

Good luck

Hi you.
I have ticketID PSD for this theme. I’ve submited to TF TicketID.
I have license for Prestashop with this PSD. My PSD has been accepted on TF.
I don’t understand TF been rejected.

I don’t understand what you say?

Please Help Me!!! Team?

First thing I feel when seeing the homepage is there could be major typography improvements!

Staying above the fold:

The cart button takes you directly to the cart, it would be nice to have an at-a-glance / drop-down.
*Edit: I noticed this works when an item is added to the cart. Think this flow should be reconsidered.

The account icon, when clicked, the menu looks disconnected. Same with the settings icon.

Why is the setting icon, or rather the cog, being used for a currency selection? It’s a little misleading.

Moving downwards, the Category Selection doesn’t look very visually appealing at all when expanded.

Typography, in both slider and Category search is not complimenting your overall theme at all.

Is this image intended to be outside the border:

It looks a little out of place, might want to work on it some so it doesn’t appear as a mistake, but intended.

Same thing with the blog, the images look disconnected from the border, not sure if it’s intended or not?

When viewed on smaller devices, I did notice that the “back-to-top” icon is falling behind the images (z-index).

I think the biggest thing here is Typography. Almost none of it compliments the overall look and feel.

Aside from that, I don’t know what else would be the reason why it would be hard rejected. It looks great!

In fact, I really like it. It has potential!

Good luck on getting it submitted!

Hi you!
Thank you feedback. I am very happy when get your feedback. I will change all error and re-submit to TF soon.

I think you have misunderstood my design. Please re-review my PSD.
This is slider countdown

This is PSD for blog

Thank you.

In my opinion, it looks broken. Just saying. Likely others will think the same.

Hi you!
I do’nt think it’s broken, because the my PSD uses 2 fonts is “Oswald” and “Open Sans”.
This is my project


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Think perhaps you’re incorrectly translating “broken”.

Broken means it looks as though it does not work. Something is wrong. Not as it should be.

I’m not arguing that this is not yours. I am assuming you think I mean “stolen”, no I do not.

The borders around the images, it makes it look broken.

I am sorry if you do not understand but I cannot translate that into anything easier to understand.

I understand meaning of word “broken”. But I don’t unserstand What do you talk about?.
If you say border around the images it look broken. Please looks my PSD or you can view project http://dasinfomedia.co.uk/mojoomla/luxury/?home=home1 of http://themeforest.net/user/dasinfomedia
This is version Virtuemart my PSD.
Or you can Capture screem and clearly tell me what is the problem here?
This is my PSD on TF:


My feedback was an opinion. I felt when first looking at the theme, the outline border around those images looks very disconnected. The featured image in the screenshot. The grey border. I cannot be any more clearer than that. To me, on first glance, it looks as though it may be broken (ie., didn’t load right, doesn’t look right).

Hopefully that clarifies what I was trying to state. Sorry I cannot be any more clear but sounds fairly clear to me.

Thank you!
I understand you say. But you can look my designed.
I’m working as designed.
This is my designed http://themeforest.net/item/luxury-ecommerce-psd-template/13322595?s_phrase=ecommerce%20tracking&s_rank=14
Thank you supported.