Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of France.


Not sure if everyone is aware of the news yet.

This senseless tragedy is beyond words. :frowning: I hope all our french authors, their friends and families are ok. The people who perpetrate these acts of hate, will fade into insignificance. In the end, love will prevail. :fr: :heart:


Thanks a lot Benji. We’re in shock here. It all happened in places that I know well, places where I lived for long years, and where we all went for a concert at least once… Fortunately, it seems like all my family and friends are safe too.


Thanks again for your words @benjijackson. As Matt @MrMattMusic said, everyone is in shock here. We do not understand anything. 127 people died and 180 injured so far. But France is strong, one, and indivisible. Vive la France. :fr: United we stand.


This is so tragic and sad, I pray for the French people.


This is f**ked up. (sorry) I’m not from France, but Im scared to come out from home to big gigs in my town now. For real. Big tradegy and big shock to all the world.


Very sad. Like Merkel said, this was an attack on freedom. Be strong Paris. Vive la france! :fr:


I’m from Italy; my cousin were at the stadium for football match France -Germany. Thank God he’s safe.
No words.
Much love to brave, united, strong French people.


I join to Benji’s words. That, was happened, it’s really terrible. French people, wish you be strong at these minutes. Just know, the whole World mourns with you. :fr:

  • Alex, from Russia.


I have 3 uncles in France (2 in Paris/Gonesse, 1 in Paris/Alfortville), and many friends.

Our hearts are with innocent victims in Lebanon (Death toll after the bombings was 40+ ), Turkey(Ankara - deathToll was 100+, Suruç - death toll was 30+), Syria (Innocent people are dying in the most barbaric conditions for years), and France.

We hope all of you are fine, and will sing “La Marseillaise” more powerful than ever

“RestInPeace” to all innocent victims no matter where they are from.


Be strong people of France. We (indians) are with you. Prayers from the country which have been suffering from terrorism for 60+ years.


…and occupation of Azerbaijan. Terrorism against Azerbaijani in 20 January, 1990.


Condolences to France from me in sweden. We can not accept this terrorism.


Unbelievable. Just been there a few weeks ago. Wish the French a lot of strenght and support!


I have no words, my deepest condolences to the families. Today is a bitter day, but more than ever we must be strong and demand politics that truly change this. all with FRANCE! :pensive:RIP!!


Tragic :pensive:



Just heard the news… what a nightmare! :hushed: Hold on! :fr:


Britain mourns with you. We are devastated to hear the terrible news. Vive La France! :fr:


My huge condolences to the French people.
Those acts are nothing but madness.
Hold on!


Russia prays for the souls of the dead.
My condolences to the French people.
We are with you, France!