our theme is rejected after lots of afford, plz suggest us

Plz check this link, this is rejected, we want to know the exact reason for rejection so we can improve our next product. we have spent 2 months on this theme but we are upset now after rejection. plz someone help us plz check the link what the rejection reason
thnk you
plz help


The reason for the rejection is a “lack of quality”,

And if there is something that can really help you, it is for you to learn much more about design, see courses, tutorials, etc. If it is not of your interest directly, you can hire a designer.

I suggest you review the highest quality projects on the market and begin to familiarize yourself with the ones required here.

Don’t give up and keep working

Best regards


Hello sir/madam,
our second theme is also rejected after lots of effort.
please give us the solution and give the exact reasons for rejection behind it

If you are going to steal other people’s work then you could at least take their information out of it!

Utter waste of your own and the reviewer’s time, and will lead to you being banned very quickly.

Sometimes I’m in shock how do you detect the stolen designs? Do you know every theme that were uploaded at themeforest?)

Ha ha not quite - reviewers and us have several ways to find it but if someone is ignorant enough to leave the other item/authors name on the design then that does make life easier