Our project is rejected [Hard Reject]. Need Help!

This is a demo project that we have made for sale in the themeforest:

Our project is been rejected, unfortunately we did’t get a specific answer, what is wrong in our project. Therefore, we ask for help in this forum. Write, please, what can be wrong in our project?

Thank you all for answers.

Best regards,
Motivo team

Nice work. This is for wordpress or just html ?

  • All demos resemble each other.
  • You have problems with smooth scrolling, this have lag ( I use Safari on Mac OS)
  • Try to add even more features.
  • Try to make it more interactive. It resembles with many products from Envato stores and Envato wants something new.

Good Luck !


Currently project is html version, but in the future we want to make a version of WordPress.

Thank you for your comments. We will try to correct them.