Our product was stolen. Any advice?



Hello, guys,

We found out that our product InstaLink was stolen. It’s sold here
(link removed)

The thief didn’t even remove our copyright from the source code.

We feel very bad because our product, in which we invested a lot of time and efforts, was stolen.

We have already requested Envato Support.

Please, any idea what else can we do?

Thank you,
Regards, Elfsight


Hi Elfsight, I dont have much experience but here are some links that might Help. Good luck


Hi, MeGustaMusic,

Thank you for your tips. Yes, crazy app looks useful. We will try it :smile:

Regards, Elfsight


hi well indeed u should contact the help center or fill in the form from the help center and also try to handle the thing by yourself by contacting the people tearing u on your own and threatening them or the place which is hosting your stolen files


Just send DMCA notice at this e-mail: abuse@linode.com This is where the site is hosted (https://www.linode.com/) according whois. They should suspend the account


Thank you very much, guys! We really appreciate your help.

Hope it will help us to deal with our problem.

Regards, Elfsight