Our plugin "Ultra - WooCommerce Product Designs for Elementor" has been hard-rejected by codecaynone

Dear Codecanyon Review Team,

We recently submitted our plugin, “Ultra - WooCommerce Product Designs for Elementor,” but it was hard-rejected without any specific reason provided. We believe our plugin offers stunning and unique designs, featuring fully customizable widgets that allow users to edit everything without any coding knowledge. Our aim is to enhance website attraction and improve user experience with over 3 pre-built, beautiful product designs to elevate WooCommerce stores effortlessly.

We have ensured that our plugin’s documentation is thorough and detailed: [Ultra - WooCommerce Product Designs for Elementor Documentation]
We also have a live demo of the plugin available: Plugin Demo.

Additionally, our plugin sale page and description have been completed correctly, and we have adhered to Envato’s coding standards and rules.

Could you kindly provide us with the specific reasons for rejecting our plugin? Understanding the exact issues would help us rectify any problems before resubmitting or developing new plugins. We are committed to improving our product and ensuring it meets all requirements.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Best regards,
Narola Infotech