Our own tracking code on the "thank you" page

Are we going to be able to add our own tracking code on the “thank you” page any time soon? I would love an answer from the Envato Team here.

There are many, many reasons for that, here are a few:

  • Ability to track facebook conversions in the Facebook Ads Manager
  • Link goals and actions from your landing page to transactions. You can’t do that now, because the only transactions you see are in the “codecanyon” property. You must make another property with a different tracking code and transations can’t show up there.
  • Import conversions to AdWords properly to track ROAS. Right now most of the conversions are “assisted”, because users have to go through our own landing page first.

Something as simple as adding our own code on the “thank you” page would provide so much information to affiliates, which would ultimately lead to more sales. I know that there is a red alert for being able to add your own JS to the marketplace web page, and this can be solved by reviewing the code.

Thanks for your post, whilst adding any sort of code to the ‘thank you’ pages isn’t permitted I can tell you on the affiliate tracking side we will be moving to a brand new affiliate platform where you will most certainly be able to create your own tracking links to track multiple sites channels, links etc. In the meantime the affiliate team are more than happy to assist you with your current affiliate approach so feel free to email market.affiliates@envato.com and one of our team will get back to you ASAP.
Envato Affiliate team

Thank you for your reply. I have been thinking a lot about tracking and I will try something - I will use the same tracking code on my landing page and in codecanyon. I don’t know how multiple domain tracking works, hopefully I will get the best of both worlds. Meaning transactions and ability to associate transactions with goals on the landing page.

Currently I have over 10 times more clicks on the buy now button on the landing page, compared to transactions. I would love to know on which step of the funnel customers are leaving.

Thanks again for your reply!