Our new item is disabled - DMCA take down notice (copyright claim) has been issued. Need help understanding Extended License of wp plugins.

Hi everyone,

Today our new item BoomBox - Viral & Buzz Wordpress Theme was disabled. We received message from Envato where is said that DMCA take down notice (copyright claim) has been issued against your item, the reason is that author of the plugin complained that we were using his plugin, but in our theme we used plugin which we bought with Extended License. I know that almost all authors are using plugins like Revolutional slider in their themes, when you buy such theme plugin is already included and Revolutional slider also sells with extended license, there are so many other such examples, when in theme description you can see some plugin is include - save X amount of dollars. So are these all authors abusing copy right of plugin’s authors? Does it make any sense buy wp plugin with extended license then?

In Envato message isn’t said if we did something wrong or not, there is said that just copyright claim has been issued and item is disabled under the DMCA take down processes.

Please help understand exactly if we did something wrong or not, our theme was very near to popular items threshold for next week.

Here is extended license description https://codecanyon.net/licenses/terms/extended.


If you are using another envato product as part of your file then you must have the original authors permission.

The license is actually less relevant as they may not even require an extended license. They may want a one off fee, special license (e.g layer slider uses a “developer license”), % of sales etc.