Our new item got hard-rejected, We need your help!

Our latest Help Center template got hard-rejected.

To be more honest, After I have compared my item with the others new items, in my opinion, Our item is much better but maybe I am wrong and maybe there’s something I can’t understand.

I really need the help from everyone here because I finish the Wordpress version of this template and in this way, it will be rejected, The same thing for any items we will make in the future because we don’t understand the main reason for rejecting this template.

So again we need your help more than you think.

Here’s the demo link of the item:

Hard Rejection is bit harsh, your design is good i think at least i’d give it a soft rejection.

however there are small issues you need to work on:
+fix the scroll bar issue

+fix the image issue on tablet viewports

+there is little contrast between the background and the text

+also make the footer’s headings bolder and slightly bigger such (about us, latest news etc…)

Note: to validate your website from error:
for html : https://validator.w3.
for css: https://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator

make sure that your javascript is on point and you are using ‘use strict’ mode.

Regardless, You have great Design it just needs to be refined.

Best Regards.

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Thank you for sharing your opinion with us, That’s what I am talking for this item doesn’t deserve the hard-rejected.

About the issues:

  • fix for the scroll bar issue solved and take from me (2 minutes).
  • fix the image issue on tablet viewports take from me (1 minute).
  • Fix the little contrast between the background and the text (take from me 30 seconds).

About this sentence: “your website is full of mark up errors and that will hurt the SEO ranking of the website”

Sorry but the W3C validator reports a warning, not an error. While it is useful to provide a heading for each sectioning and articling content element, it is not required, we understand these warnings.

You can also try the same thing with the most popular HTML templates in the market and you will found the same warnings.

And about the CSS errors, most of it from the bootstrap and we can’t make anything about this because these errors are FAKE and not effect, You can read more in Stackoverflow.

Yes, there are 1 - 3 errors in the template CSS file and we have solved it (take from me 2 minutes).

About this sentence: “make sure that your javascript is on point and you are using ‘use strict’ mode.”

Done and take from me 5 minutes.

So the time taken to solve these very small errors are 10 minute and 30 seconds :smiley:

Thank you again very much :slight_smile:

Note: We haven’t modified anything in the live site to make everyone know that this is the version that got hard-rejected.