Our latest WW2 film! Almost 100% CGI :)

As a fellow Videohive author and after months of hard work I would like to finally share with you my latest project. 1942 is a short film being almost 100% CG with a focus on realistic fire and explosions.

For the VFX guys; most of the fire was done in Houdini while modelling and animation/rendering was done in Maya and After Effects (Element 3D).

Hope you enjoy it and thank you for your support! :blush: If you would like to support me you can vote for the film here in the link below. It means alot! :slight_smile:


Nice work man :slight_smile:

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Great Job!

It’s always nice to see other VFX guys here on VideoHive.

You have my vote on the rode website :slight_smile: . I wish you good luck with the competition!

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Thank you, glad you like it! Really appreciate! :slight_smile:

Fantastic job!!
Overall very beatiful work!
How long have you work on it?

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Awesome work dude

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Thanks! :slight_smile: Around 6 months in total. Although most some of the time was a study on creating realistic fire in Houdini, to achieve the explosions, etc.