Our item keep rejected for quality reason we cant see any of the requirement violated in the article

Our item got reject, we have checked about 4 similar items but with bugs, bad design quality and others. We created something best. Multi-branch and Multi-tenancy Loan management system for small and medium microfinance, we created an item because we were looking for one, we have bought 12+ from code canyon, now we decided we created this item to help other customers as similar items are very poor with bugs and lack of update from 2019, they say it is due to low quality but customers and microfinance are looking to use it, 4 microfinance companies already said it was the best, but I dought Envato doesn’t trust developers from Africa, they think we can’t do anything serious and nothing we can do about it.
Some cases say after changing their location during submission with the new account they got accepted, i cant understand what is going on.
Micro finances are looking to take their process online and 4 already did 2 months now without any issue.

script link: https://zepsonlab.tech
Login credentials in the login page.