Our item has been rejected for NO REASON

our high quality item has been rejected for no reason why youuu doo thattt ??? after 1 month of development and high quality design u dont approve my item !!! why you do thatt ?? this is not fair !!!


It’s hard to tell from that screenshot - assume you sent the reviewers more than this eg a functioning demo?

On this screenshot I don’t see high quality design

Yes we send them Demo apk

Yes u can say that because ur not a developer and u dont know nothing about material design in Android Studio .
and try to search in codeacanyon to see a very low quality design ( apps ) has been approved by reviewers.

This is the biggest problem of codecanyon. The application you are trying to do for weeks is rejected. There’s no reason. But many of the products in the store are awful in terms of design and functionality. And you unintentionally rebel, why was my product rejected? Unfortunately there is no solution. Try your luck again with a new design and additional features.

They have approved my item , Thank you