Our image are blurry. What Resolution Should our images be?

Hi, All

I see other thumbs image are very clear.
but our image are blurry. What Resolution Should our images be?


Thumbs should be 80x80.

Sorry, I mean DPI.
We use 72 dpi for all our images.

It looks blurry.

There’s no DPI stipulation as far as I know… just pixels, so I guess it would make sense to make each of those pixels the best they can be. They don’t cost any more, so go crazy… push the DPI boat out!

dpi only matters when it’s come to printing

I have no idea why our images are blurry.

Can you kindly tell us what’s the best image format for the web?

Thanks a lot!

I create my thumbnails in Photoshop, resize them to 80x80 px with bicubic resampling method and apply an unsharp mask with settings:

  • amount: 50% - 90% (depends on image)
  • radius: 0.5
  • threshold: 2

and save the thumbs in PNG format

Did you just ask exactly the same question as your original one, after receiving a bunch of answers? Just to clarify… the answer is, the image should be an 80x80 jpg, and that jpg should be the best quality that you have the ability to produce. Whether that be 72 DPI, 300 DPI or 5,000 DPI.

Thanks all a lot!