our HTML template has been rejected.we need help

we are new in ThemeForest. can anybody help us what is the reason for our rejection?

demo link: dsrthemes.pw

This design is just way too simple and not premium looking. If you want to make something like this you will need much better typography and more interesting icon set as minimum.


Hi, I looked at your template and would suggest:

  1. Try using better text copy, not just the generic lorem ipsum to showcase a more realistic scenario.
  2. Use contextually appropriate images, in your item some of the images don’t make sense to me.
  3. Usability wise, some things need improvement:
    a) it is unclear which is the currently active item in the navigation when the page is scrolled.
    b) For some reason you have implemented “infinity” scroll, so let’s say I want to use your contact form which is at the bottom of the page and by accident scroll a little more I am taken back to the start which is really annoying.

This is in addition to what @LSVRthemes mentioned.


thank you for feedback @LSVRthemes and @OctaTheme.
can we solve these problems and send them again?

If you can do a significant improvement then yes of course.