"Our Hack Fort Project- "How to" videos for Buyers"

I am Yasmin from the envato development team for the finance area of envato market.

Envato has just run a “hack week” where staff get to do projects of their own choice that help the community.
With support from a few others, I have prepared 6 “How to” videos to help buyers better understand how to do things in the market. Here are the 6 videos:

Change Your Username

Finding Your License Certificate

Getting Author Support

How to View Downloaded Invoices

Understanding Your Invoices

Updating Your Purchased Item

We chose these 6 areas as they are high in support ticket volume, so we know buyers sometimes find them a challenge. We welcome your feedback on the video’s so we can continue to make even better videos over time if they prove valuable to users.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Good stuff!

There needs to be a video (or some sort of help article) on how to generally setup a website after purchasing a theme from ThemeForest.

Such as 1) Get a domain name and website hosting 2) install wordpress/drupal/joomla 3) purchase theme 4) upload purchased theme

Last video looks a bit squashed up. I mean the screen resolution. Great work.