Our first PHP script rejected from CodeCanyon. Why?

Hi everyone,

We uploaded php script to Code Canyon a month ago and our item is rejected with the reason “It isn’t at the quality standard required”.

We appreciate if you could take a look of our item and help us to understand why it has been rejected. The demo link is: https://liliumdigital.com/html5-preview-demo/.

If you need code, we can also provide zip file which contain all script files…

Thanks a lot!


What is this script for? What useful features does it offer?

This script is for HTML5 banner preview. HTML5 banner is zipped and cannot be viewed easy. With this script people from marketing agencies can upload ZIP file and preview banner before approving job from designer.

It sounds too niche - couldn’t the agency just unzip and open the index file? This seems faster than having to run the script and drop the zip in, especially if there are numeorus banners to view.

Either way the execution really doens’t look great or really explain the concept