Our Envato Journey through time 🎵 (Income Reports)

Hello everyone!

We’re Pablo and Fernando, from SnailMusic.

We started as exclusive authors on Audiojungle few months ago this same year and thought it was a good idea to write down all our journey from the very beginning.

It will help us to track our evolution here and -hopefully- will help other new authors.

Sharing our licenses sells, main KPI’s and all the amazing and crazy things that happen when you start a business like this (yes, we think our authoring here can be treated like one) can be helpful to other people to realize how much effort and time you have to put to make your dreams come true and finally make a living with your art.

UPDATE: the links below won’t work anymore again, but here you have the latest update: https://www.snailarts.com/our-journey-through-time/ :wink:

So, for now we have in our blog this monthly statements:

And we want to share here in this same post of the forum those coming on next months and years!

Our main goal in Audiojungle is now to become Elite Authors and we have no intention to quit until that happens. Later on… who knows? But we think is going to be a beautiful journey and we’re excited to share it with all of you! :slight_smile:

What are your thoughts about this idea? It will be a good one or is the worst presented here in all history of Envato marketplace?

Many thanks!


Hi Pablo and Fer, good luck on your journey! The website is looking great :slight_smile:

BTW I don´t know where you live, but showing your income on a website in my country, can bring a lot of headaches :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot @MeGustaMusic!

True that. You mean because of the envy that could generate over time?

Hahaha, no, I mean legal and security headaches :sweat_smile: I like your optimism thought :smiley: Keep it up

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Haha we took the idea from Patt Flynn and his entrepreneurial career…


Great idea. It’s really interesting to see how other composers are getting on too! Thanks.

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Very interesting thanks for sharing!

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Hey guys from @SnailMusic

Very interesting. Will keep monitoring your way to success:grinning:

Also, great web-site.

Good luck in your journey!


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Thank you all very much!!

Hello all! We just published our May 2016 Income Report :slight_smile:

We just published our June-July Income report. Explaining how I left my “normal” job to dedicate 100% to Audiojungle and our first full license sold! Thank you all.

Good stuff guys! Wishing you all the best!

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Nice blog @SnailMusic good luck with next sales! :wink:

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Thank you very much @TitanSlayer @ChoclateFix!! :slight_smile:

Nice idea! I will follow your progress,it’s interesting! Wish you best luck guys :wink:

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Good luck guys! Your blog thingie looks nice and very current in terms of business openness and all.

As a small constructive criticism: your constant “we” addressing, shies away with the items number. C`mon, get to work fellas ;)!

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Thanks @WaveToys!! You’re 100% right @Soundlufs, we did a lot of learning and other stuff, but not so much the most important one: uploading songs! We’re going to change that soon.

Thank you very much!

Better tell us how you put that note in the topic title :slight_smile:

Hahahaha i copied & pasted from here: https://es.piliapp.com/facebook-symbols/ :musical_score:

Well you have shown some real ingenuity there because in 3 years here I never saw something like that :slight_smile:

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