Other people uses my accounts to subscribed to envato

Please help. how can I get a refund for this? my nephew’s friend uses my laptop and subscribed to envato.

You can contact support but I doubt you would be refunded for that if they have downloaded any items.

Envato Elements Help and Support

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Yes they did downloaded some items. If I can’t be refunded is there a way I can at least lower my subscription. I am subscribed to envato for a whole a year and. I don’t need it.

Stop downloading anything more and email support - they will be the only people who can make any adjustments.

Thanks. I appreciate your help.

hi, did you get a refund,. i’m having same issue. I have yearly subscription but someone I don’t know added a new user. it’s charged me $185. this is not done by me. i noticed this immediately and block my account but I see they download 2 items