Other authors stealing my descriptions, items names and tags

Hello there! So, I’ve noticed that many other authors are copypasting the descriptions, tags and item names from my items. Many of them don’t even do any changes, they just copy-paste same text. I suppose it can be explained by the genre we are working with, a few years ago there was no big competition on the market in Dark Ambient music genre, nowadays there are hundreds of authors who do same music in the same style an genre. I don’t mind it at all, but why copy-pasting from my tracks? I was always working a lot to make good quality descriptions and tags, so this kinda hurts and kills any will to continue working on Envato. Obviously, my sales dramatically dropped for the last few months and at the moment I feel kinda desperate and have no desire to continue working here. Anyway, is there something that can be done? Doesn’t Envato somehow is monitoring and preventing same or way too similar descriptions? Thank you, I just want to know what are my options here.

Please report issues like this to Envato Help and Support They will be able to help.

Thank you!

Hm, thank you for your advice, but I’m quite sure they will either not be able or will not want to help. But yes, I already contacted them, waiting for the reply.