Sup dudes

How about having an OST like category?
I specifically want to refer ost’s for video games in general.

Video games tends to have a kind of atmosphere/theme to them, and every music track should represent that feel.
For example: Assassins Creed, Jurney, or any other game…you name it…

p.s. Im not talking about Genres here, since that depends on the composer in which way to go.

It happens that ive made a new track and i love the theme of it, so i thought to expand it, thats why it just crossed my mind about this OST thing…and was looking for your feedback

Have a nice Day!

I think it’s best just to create your own collection and/or music pack with all the tracks you feel belong together. Having an OST category would be kind of messy, and would lead buyers to believe they are the original songs.