OSS : WPOnion Public Beta

Hello All WP Authors.

I am really happy to share my long term Open Source project public beta.

I started working on a WP Settings Framework after checking out a lot of frameworks but i was unable to find a framework that fits me.

So i decided to create a new framework and also make it as a open source. which is called as WPOnion

I started this project 8 months ago and work on it full time. and i am finally able to release a public beta of it.

So what is WPOnion , exactly?

WPOnion is a simple yet powerful framework that helps developers build custom meta boxes and custom fields in WordPress fast and easily.

The framework lets you define custom meta boxes and custom fields via arrays and handles everything behind the scene automatically. It has a wide range of field types, field settings and supports not only post meta but also term meta, user meta, comment meta, settings pages and custom tables.

WPOnion packed with 12 Modules & 42 Field Types.


Like WPOnion Framework, this documentation is open sourced on Github & GitBooks. The website’s content is written in Markdown.

If you find anything incorrect in the documentation or out-dated, please help us fix it.

In case you come across anything along the way that we haven’t covered, or if you know of a tip you think others would find handy, please file an issue and we’ll see about including it in this guide.



  1. Settings Page
  2. Taxonomy Custom Fields
  3. Custom Metabox
  4. Custom User Profile Fields
  5. Help Tabs
  6. Custom Admin Pages

Under Active Development

  1. Customizer
  2. WooCommerce
  3. Dashboard Widgets
  4. Bulk Edit / Quick Edit Integration
  5. Shortcode Generator
  6. Gutenberg
  7. Visual Composer

Github Link : http://github.com/wponion/

Demo Link : http://wponion.com/demo

Demo Link : https://wponion.gitbook.io/docs/

If you guys find any issues please do open a issue @ http://github.com/wponion/wponion/