OS X El Capitan - safe to update yet?

Hello, was wondering, since its been a while, is it ok to update OSX to el capitan? Has it still got issues as far as DAW’s and music production is concerned?

Someone here use it on a daily basis?

Thank you for your answers !! :slight_smile:

I’m using 10.11.5 for video production, it’s Stable so far.

Hi! For me it’s absolutely ok. I use OS x 10.11.5 for about 3 month and haven`t faced any problem.
I use Logic Pro X with some plugins… so, everything works, as it suppose to be.

Cool, I will give it a go on my secondary machine… Wonder how some of the free old plugins and apps will run, or will they run at all. They might be refused to open.

I had update it 4 months ago. everything works stable! =)