Organizing portfolio.



Hi! Its been a year since i registered on AJ as author. I’ve produced a lot of items both logos and music. Now when holidays are all around, i’ve decided to look at my portfolio and analyse everything i have so far.
And i must admit, what a mess!
Logos. music, sound effects, packs…everything piled in one heap! If i was a customer i probably give up too soon if i were to find something. To make things worst we forced to use keyword song titles, and now we can’t even rename items as it would add confusion to item links.

The only solution i see now is to move all Logos/Idents to new account. And i have some questions:

  1. Is it possible to do it without approval process?
  2. Is it really a good idea? What could be downsides?
  3. If i’ll rename a lot of items but their links will not be changed, will it be a bad idea? What could be consequences?

P.S. I would really appreciate if Envato will improve organisation of our portfolios in the future. Tabs for all the categories (music, logos, packs, kits etc…) would be great!


any thoughts?


You could create collections of packs or logos etc. and link to them from your profile/social media. I have collections of different styles and organise that way