Orchestral music – feedback sorely needed please

Hi music-makers,

This track was recently rejected by Audiojungle. I have a few ideas about why (like maybe the start sounds a little too strange) but would really appreciate some feedback from those more experienced than I am.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Hi SonicTreats,
interesting song. For which category would you recommend it?
Ask yourself to what movie, trailer, advertisement, etc. you could put that and what kind of emotions you want to create. You name it orchestal music, which might be correct. For me I could hear it played in a philharmony where people come to listen to just for the music. As backroundmusic, which is most of the music that is sold on AudioJungle, I feel the track might be a little bit to complex and “classical”. Also the development is nice but pretty slow, many people won’t probably listen more than the snare part.
Hope that helps! Good luck with further submissions!

I think it’s a very good idea! you did very well! :smiley: so congratulations!
well, Some ideas of causes of rejection:
I would take care of some sensation of disonances in chords: 0:57, 1:12,… etc
you call this orchestral music, but I need more strings, more instruments, … more orchestration, because I can listen some tension in your composition, and in my opinion this must be well defined here, maybe some epic drums can help, and some string staccato and cymbals… don’t know.
Just my opinion.
But I think you did a big job here, it’s a great composition and I love it! :slight_smile:
Good luck!