Orb Logo Rejected

Hey guys
I have no idea about why this was rejected . I would like to hear your opinions

I suppose the initial orb reveal could be a little more complex, rather than a simple scale down. But it probably was a close call, it’s definitely up there quality wise

Thanks for replying
Could you please tell how the initial orb reveal be complex

From what i see the orbs are all layered? So each layered could be faded in separately maybe. It really depends on how the orbs were created. If you can make the lines themselves grow individually somehow. Anything to give it a more organic feel

Its just made using one layer , the settings are very complex it looks way too much jiggly when I try to make a procedural growth of the lines .
I guess its safer to just upload Stomp Opener these days

Thanks for your insights

Hahaha. There are a few good stomp openers, but most of them are like powerpoint presentations to me. I hope it was nothing more than a summer trend in 2017, even parallax slideshows were better cause at least those require SOME skill.

Anyway like I said, your rejection was very likely a close call. I’m really interested how you got all that in one layer. Is it Particular? I understand if you don’t want to disclose the secret, but even a few hints will be greatly appreciated!

I sent you a PM.

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