Orange Tree Samples Group Buy Discount

Hey guys, you might enjoy this, OTS are having a group buy sale in which the more people participate in the group buy, the more discount is awarded, you don’t need to actually buy the sample packs its just the more artists that participate, the lower the discount rate will become on the 22nd of August when the sale will go on! All the info is on this link :slight_smile:

Good hint. Order of Evo Archtop Jazz added @30% off

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Hey ho, watch out the actual status of summer buy group.
Current Participants: 1335
Than means 50% Discount for Orange Tree Products.
From 1500 participants on it´s 60% discount so check it out and take part to reach the max rebate:

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great stuff, thanx!!!

Quickly Gather 165 friends! :smiley:

Thank you to all those who participated, they got the discount down to 60%! Enjoy your purchases :smiley:

They are doing it again. Anyone participating in the Group Buy this year in 2018?

There are 1126 participants as of writing. We need 374 more to finish. We got only 11 more days to reach the 1500 participants discount tier for the full 60% discount.

I am thinking to buy their latest Evolution Texas Twang library for the Kontakt player. This library does not require the full version of Kontakt unlike some of their libraries released in the past.

Though I am not purchasing this year, I was wondering if I should also get this library. This library also works with the free Kontakt player.

The discount offer is eligible only to those who join the Group Buy right now before the Group Buy ends on July 12th.

But we do not have to make the payment right away to benefit from the discount. We have until August 1st to complete the purchase.

P.S. On my selfish note, I just want to get the libraries with the 60% discount. Thank you for your attention. Cheers :wink:

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Will join this year group buy for sure. Last year I bought many items from them :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Now the Group Buy of this year 2018 ended. I also bought the side lap steel!

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