Options and functionality : Social App and My social Network

hello, I have some questions…

I need to buy an application for a social network
I have been checking these Apps:

My Social Network (App and Website)

SocialApp - Full Android Application

The first issue is about the language, I guest I can change in both apps
I can customize them at all, or there are some things that I cant change?
-different color
-change words or menu names or the icons in the menu

For example there is an option to add some logo image, it is possible to enable or disable some features? May be I dont need some of them, if I dont need the gallery can I disable it?

I need to know which is the better app for my need…

My social network says that I can get 7 apps for $40

How to know what is Network Pro, School Network or Consultant?
How I can get details about that…


In each case you should ask the author using item comments, however you have to be relaistic what you are going to get for under $50 in terms of features, functionality etc.