optimized for mobile devices themes


I have very serious problems, which have to do with basic aspects of the websites purchased, I have many licenses of 2 particular topics (ELECTRO + TECHMARKET), but both have been removed.

I am having problems with the results of GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE, since it is not optimized for mobile devices.

The errors that it marks are:

  1. The clickable elements are too close to each other

  2. The content is wider than the screen

I have to invest again in new jobs (NEW THEMES + LICENSES)? But what would happen without in some months, again the work + support is removed as in this case?

I urgently need help please, now we do not know what to do.

How is it possible that these things happen?

Could you help me? I do not know what to modify to solve this problem.

I await your help please.