Opt-out categories/tags

Hi guys,

Is there any way to opt-out (exclude) certain categories in the forum? Please don’t get me wrong (I’m not trying to be rude or something), but this would be really useful, because for example (with all of my respect to the authors) I don’t really care if they’ve reached 163 sales. It’s exciting for them, I agree and have nothing to say, but I’m just looking for something else when I’m entering the forums.

I know that currently I can pick just one category and go, but it’s not the same. Also a “remember” option would be great.

All the best. Thanks.

Hey @karo_96, you can mute a category or tag when you’re within a specific category or tag view. Note: topics for that category/tag will still appear in “Latest” but will no longer appear in “New” or “Unread”. We’re currently speaking to Discourse about the possibility of introducing a second “Latest” view that takes these preferences into account. Hope this helps! :smile:


Thanks for the answer @natman :smile:

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