Opt-in to Download [WordPress]

Hi all!

I’m seeking a plugin that will require a name and email in order to download a PDF.

My ideal setup would be a button that says “Download PDF”, then, once clicked, a modal would appear asking for name / email to download. Example (click the download trial): http://realmacsoftware.com/rapidweaver/

I think WP Lead Plus Free Squeeze Page Creator might do the trick.

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Maybe this? https://wordpress.org/plugins/email-before-download/

Thanks for the suggestions @ki-themes and @cwpdev !

Here’s what I ended up doing:

  • I created a simple name / email form with GravityForms specific to each page on my site
  • I put the appropriate download links in the confirmation message once a form is submitted “thank you for contacting us…here is the download link.”
  • I then used the free “Popup Maker” plugin to create popups and put the Gravity Forms inside
  • I linked to the modal from a simple button
    Result: When a user clicks on the “Download” button, a modal pops up asking for their name / email. Once they enter this, the download link appears.

@AaronMarquez — Brilliant solution! I used a similar method, based on your process, and it worked like a charm. Thanks~