Opportunities and Resources for our Authors

Hi @steve_lam,

I agree with Envato - a subscription model is necessary these days to stay competitive in the industry as a big digital assets provider. Yes, you must have offers for different kinds of markets because vloggers won’t pay the same amount of money as production agencies & big corporates, etc.

But the big truth is since ADP is alive authors from fear or by other reasons are dumping their prices in the market. Some say - their fear is coming by the fact that Elements is more attractive for customers and they will lose money if they set a bigger price.

Now, this is a big problem for authors like us, who make his living 100% from AudioJungle. We do all our best to deliver high-quality products and in the last time due to the fact I described above, we don’t earn as much we did it before.
This is very sad & hard for us, nowadays we are pretty close to being not able to pay our bills, buy the necessary meals to survive and now we have this COVID-19, which makes this situation much harder.
The market is so oversaturated & now I read this Announcement where every opportunity is for Elements authors…

Please get into your consideration more marketing events, contest, other things also for Market Authors because we are in big trouble.
I know we can promote ourselves, and we did it when we earned more here, but nowadays we just can’t afford it - caused the loss Market suffers (price dumping, etc).

So please try to put a little effort and help us too with more opportunities.

Best Regards,
Layla from HoneyLoud


I’m new here, but have over 20 years experience in software development. I’ve become very discouraged by what I’m seeing regarding Elements. Frankly you seem to have shifted your focus towards self promotion. You do not directly answer questions that point out your focus on Elements and how it harms the rest of your community. At this point it is starting to seem exploitative.