Opinions on this Summer Camp Flyer

I just want to heard some good opinions !

Could definitely use more colour. The background trees photo looks quite boring to me, so putting in more green leaves or such illustrations around the edge might help. Plus the pic with the sea could be better, something more colourful and appealing. Cloudy sky is sad, need a vibrant blue sky, or golden evening instead! :smiley: Plus why not make it so you’re peaking through the foliage and seeing a paradise location through the opening, that should work better than the rough looking painted out shape you have now in the middle.

my first look told me to nerver send my kids to that place it do not look to be fun or interesting ( im talking about image choice ) when saying 1 week of fun it should at least show something fun and not only a morbid empty lake. Colors are too fade and background as ToivoMedia say is boring. Also to my point of view there is no need in 2017 to add " Visit " in front of a url.

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@BoomCoding @ToivoMedia I’ve done some more improvements on this ! Thanks for all your support!

The blurred picture of trees looks quite bad to me. Nothing is really gelling in the design.

To be really honest with you @TudyArtz the problem is the images you choose when you make a publicity you need to sell something here you try to sell a summer camp then you have to sit and think of what you would like to see of a summer camp ? do you want to see empty lake or you want to see people having fun somehow ? It is important when you target a customer that you make that customer interested to know more about your product. in your image all i see is a fade background with a landscape with some amateur drawed leaf randomly pasted over them. There is a lot of work for you to do to achieve such design but i wish you the best to learn it and get better in the future.

Try to use a different picture on the background…something more colorfull