Opinions on a Work in Progress

Hey Audiojunglers!

I found a sweet music box sample kit for ableton, kontakt, and logic. I think it’s perfect for commercial music. Check out this track I’m about to upload. Opinions?

and here’s the link to the music box samples:


Sounds great, Matty! Very modern, great indie feel and nice guitar. The intro is very strong.

One thing I might suggest is to bring the chorus forwards a bit (try hitting it at around 0:30), as I feel it takes too long to get to the main point and buyers might lose interest.

Mix wise, it sounds a little dark, though there’s an argument to be made that that style is a more authentic indie-garage sound - down to opinion. What I would do however is back off the reverb on the backing lead guitar as it sounds like it’s occupying too much of the 400-600Hz area.

Hey thanks for the listen! I was contemplating adding a version with a shorter intro kicking right into the chorus, I might just do that. Thanks for the advice on the reverb, I’ll keep that in mind.

I uploaded this under the motivational category, but it could be considered indie as well. Which one would you gravitate more towards for this track?

Indie Rock I reckon, but either would suffice.

How do you like the first version in this one? Shorter intro.

Much better. Builds well at the start. Since you have advertising in mind, it might also be nice to include 30 and 60 second edits with even shorter intros. The 30 sec version could be mostly the chorus, whilst the 60 second version could have an outro - something like the second verse after the first chorus finishes in “This Is How You Advertise” by TimMcMorris

Good luck :wink:

Thanks for the advice! The three versions are up for review right now, but I will definitely consider adding other versions if they get approved. Maybe even make a pack out of it!

Not gonna lie, this track was a big inspiration for me :wink:

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Try to upload. See what will happen.

Honestly, This is fantastic!
Reminds me of a corporate version of a band called The Dangerous Summer.

Sounds Great!
And thanks for sharing the link to the music box samples, its cool!

Thanks guys!