Opinions and tips about my portofolio

Opinions and tips about my portofolio
Some tips to sell my projects.

hi buddy, keep working , u have mostly items that even other authors may buy, not exclusively buyers / customers which is good but u need to develop your portfolio and have much more items to choose from :wink:

Sorry links to portfolios and items have to be removed in forums to prevent self promotion

Yes, @AnPoP, l am surprised that the fire one hasn’t sold yet? Almost 6 months???

The brush ones are probably a tough market, since there are so many free, unrestricted ones about?

We will have to wait and see with the recent butterfly and others?

Hard to give advise, but you seem to be all over the place with products? When a customer finds the butterfly one, there isn’t much else that is related.

That is one of GR strengths, doing a lot of related or niched products, so if a customer wants a beach party flyer, (my area, well, mainly) and checks out my stuff, they will find nostalgic, modern, etc ones.

I did try to corner the market with Fathers Day ones, and got 4 in, but it was a relatively dead niche, although l still sold a handful.

I would like to say the more detail the better, but l have done iphone ones, that were pretty basic with good sales, so!

Best to keep at it, l am sure you will sell something eventually, and invest in stock images if you can, that makes a bit difference in speed and available product options.

Good luck.


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HI Shane, this is good to have u back, for me there was worst than your story of fathers day lol, i have never really managed to sell any st valentine item … lol

u are right that’s a tough market, on the other hand what is easy today anyway? there are tons and items in all categories and getting noticed is not that easy lol