Opinion on new track please.


hey guys, please I need feedback on new track, thanks.


Hi @Orchestra_harmonies, In general I think the atmosphere is nice and the track has potential, but it should progress earlier I think (intro to long). Come up faster with the second half and ad some other sound(s) to prevent repetitiveness.
Just my opinion and maybe other more experienced authors will think otherwise.
Good luck!


Hey @Orchestra_harmonies! Great track, very emotional and it’s got a lot of cool things in it. Here are a couple things I think you could do to improve on it!

  • The beginning of the track is much quieter than the rest of the track. So when the middle/end parts come in, it’s a little overbearing. Try normalizing it so it’s more even throughout the track.

  • Arrangement-wise, I would try to reach the climactic part a bit earlier. It’s a cool beginning, but I think it’d be more enticing if something if it were shorter/more exciting in the beginning.

  • Mix: I can hear there are drums in background, but they sound overpowered by the other instruments. Not sure what your goal is, but if you want your drums to have more impact, I would try to make some more space for them in the mix by bringing them up a little and bringing the rest of the instruments down a bit.

Great piece!


@FrancisLeeMusic :slight_smile: Thank you so much for the feedback , just like you said, I normalized the track but the beginning sounded too loud so I made an automation with a low cut filter on the master track to create a swelling effect that builds slowly into a big climax.
And throughout mixing, I switched regularly from headphones to speakers and could not tell how loud the drums should be. Thanks again for the feedback.